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The Civil War Round Table of St Louis is a not-for-profit organization for anyone interested in the factual history of the American Civil War era (1861 - 1865).  We are located in St Louis, Mo.  Our meetings about the Civil War include dinner, experts on the Civil War, as well as a social get together for friendly discussions of the Civil War and a trivia contest.  Or, if you prefer, you can come to our speaker's Civil War presentation only. 
We welcome all who are interested in the Civil War whether they live in the metro St. Louis, Missouri or Illinois  area or just visiting. 
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2017 – 2018 Campaign


Sept. 27     “Harry Truman and the Civil War”   David Shafer


Oct. 25       “Mourning Customs & Death in the Civil War"                    Paula Zalar


Nov. 29      “Julia Dent Grant”   Pam Sanfilippo


Jan. 24      “Railroads in the Civil War”   Robert Amsler


Feb. 28      “The Battle of Springfield, MO”     

                  William Garrett Piston


Mar. 28      “San Francisco & the Civil War”  John Langellier


Apr. 25       “Dred Scott: A Case for Collusion” 

                  David T. Hardy


May 23      “The Civil War in St. Louis”   Nini Harris

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Paul William Ullrich

June 11, 1943 – August 9, 2017

Civil War Round Table of St. Louis

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Civil War Trivia

So impressed was Union Col. John T. Wilder by the new Spencer repeating rifles that, when the War Department refused to issue them to his troops, he convinced the men of his command to pledge $35 apiece, stood surety for a note to cover the costs, and went out and bought several thousand, so that his brigade became the first in history to be completely equipped with repeaters, with devastating effect in action.

There were six million cases of disease within the troops, meaning that, on average, each soldier
contracted at least two diseases.
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Confederate President Jefferson C. Davis's first wife was Sallie Knox Taylor, daughter of President

Words of Wisdom:

"Act with determination
not to be turned aside
by thoughts of the past
and fears of the future"

-- Robert E. Lee

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Workers find hidden portraits

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Pre-Civil War portraits uncovered!

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